Code of Ethics
To train dogs and instruct humans with honesty and integrity without prejudice or discrimination
To train dogs and instruct humans using scientifically proven training techniques; facilitating learning to all
To carry suitable professional insurance including public liability
To act in the best interests of dogs, handlers, the public and Canine Manners
To actively promote force-free training methods and to actively reject any aversive methods and the use of positive punishment
To continue professional development through study, attendance of workshops, seminars and conferences provided by external providers
To respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients at all times
To work within each individuals’ professional limits and to refer owners with needs beyond their limits to a suitable professional
To work together for the great benefit of the relationship between dogs and humans
To provide free training and education to dog rescue charities to help in the successful rehoming of dogs in their forever homes
January 2017, updated January 2021.